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5 VR Exercise Games for Better Cardio


vr exercise games for better cardio

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A daily trip to the gym isn't for everyone, and home workouts may not be able to provide enough thrill and challenge. VR provides an immersive, gamelike way to get your cardio workout in, even if you lack the motivation. VR exercise games on a PICO headset encourage even the most tough-to-motivate individuals to get moving and take control of their cardiovascular health.

5 VR Games to Elevate Your Cardio Workout


Holofit is a great VR cardio game if you’re looking to add variety to your daily workout. This VR game offers more than 100 different workouts to match all fitness levels and interests. There are currently 15 immersive worlds to run, ski, or cycle through. Complete your workout in San Francisco, Paris, Antarctica, or another captivating setting that will distract you from the intense calorie burn you'll experience. Speaking of calories, get ready to burn up to 400 in a single session!

If you’re looking for a little friendly competition, choose the multiplayer mode to race against other Holofit players. For single players, you can save your workout data. Try to beat your best score on your next workout.

To further elevate your experience, play Holofit while you’re on your exercise bike, elliptical, or rowing machine.


Bring the gym to your living room with FitXR. This is one of the few VR exercise games with real personal trainers to partner with you on your fitness journey. Choose from one of five studios: box, dance, combat, sculpt, or HIIT. While they're all intense, the combat studio is a favorite for cardiovascular fitness and stress relief.

The developers at FitXR know that music is a great workout motivator. FitXR has an extensive music library with energizing tunes from all genres—from pop to rap and everything in between. Listen to your favorite artists or add new beats to your workout playlist.

Group workouts are also a great feature of FitXR. You can meet up with up to six friends in the metaverse. FitXR also has an active Facebook community to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends.

VR Fitness One

VR Fitness One is another game with access to a personal trainer that encourages users to elevate their workout routine. This fitness game is designed to help you increase strength, build endurance, and hone your techniques. Whether you want to raise your heart rate in an exotic location or add fun to your daily workout, VR Fitness One will deliver an engaging experience—you’ll forget you're exercising.

VR Fitness One has plenty of options to keep your cardio workout fresh. Punch your way through a boxing session or move to the beat of a cardio dance. You can also customize your workout and select specific muscle groups to train for your desired results. For a little competition, you can check out the leaderboard online and see what score to beat.

Les Mills Bodycombat

les mills bodycombat vr exercise
If you like VR exercise games mixed with a little martial arts, check out Les Mills Bodycombat. This fast-paced workout has been seen in gyms worldwide, and now it's available in your living room on a VR headset. Punch and strike your way through nearly 50 scientifically designed cardio workout plans that range from beginner to advanced levels.

With two world-class coaches cheering you on, motivation won't be a problem. Plus, this VR fitness game features a soundtrack that will keep you moving until your session is complete. The game also offers seven captivating backgrounds that transport you to dreamlike environments as you work through your workout!

Racket: Nx

racket nx vr exercise

You'll need spot-on reflexes and plenty of energy to play Racket: Nx. This an exercise VR game that disguises fitness as fun, helping those resistant to exercise sneak their daily workout in. This unique and lively game is part racquetball and part pinball. You'll take your spot inside a glass dome, take a strategic swing at the ball, and see it ricochet off of walls and obstacles, destroying targets along the way.

Racket: Nx blends fitness and arcade fun, and it is poised to be the next big sport in VR. It features two single-player modes: campaign and endless runner. It also has a competitive multiplayer mode that supports cross-platform play. The soundtrack in Racket: Nx gets five stars, but if you prefer your own tunes, there is an option for that.

Tips for a Successful VR Cardio Workout

When playing VR exercise games, safety is a top priority. Before you enter the metaverse, ensure your "real world" is free of any obstacles that could cause injury while you're engaged in your game. According to space.com, six-and-a-half square feet of area to move your muscles works best for most VR games. In addition, remember to take breaks during your VR workouts to prevent possible eye strain and motion sickness.

To make the most of your VR exercise session, choose a comfortable headset with features that maximize an immersive experience. PICO 4 VR headsets have a cushioned, balanced design that won't slip while dancing, boxing, or drumming your way to cardiovascular fitness. These systems also offer motorized interpupillary distance adjustment to promote clear, stable images during intense exercise.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the fun of VR exercise games, but it's also important to maintain an appropriate intensity to get the results you desire. Select programs with multiple skill levels or customized workout plans, and choose one that pushes you beyond your limits. Remember that VR exercise isn't the single key to cardiovascular fitness. It is part of a balanced fitness routine that might include entertaining games, goal-focused workouts, and real-world activities.


Whether you want to dance your way to physical fitness in VR Fitness One, relieve stress with a martial arts workout in Les Mills Bodycombat, or focus on the fun during your exercise session with Racket: Nx, you'll find a VR game that helps you reach your goals. Try VR exercise games on a PICO headset for an immersive experience that keeps you engaged.

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